Our Services

SoluGrowth is a South African Process Solutions company serving clients across the globe providing services in the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Managed Solutions areas. We offer world-class outsourcing solutions that help our clients achieve growth and cost efficiencies on a range of business processes. SoluGrowth’s core strength is in the management of highly complex end to end projects that involve our services and competencies within our Finance and Accounting, Payroll services, Corporate Procurement, Digital Technology Solutions and IT Outsourcing. This is well complemented by a highly qualified and experienced team positioned to provide a centre of excellence for local and multinational entities looking at growing on the African Continent.

How we help clients

Whatever organizational challenges firms face, we enable businesses process excellence to improve economic and business value resulting in impactful, flexible, scalable delivery with sustainable benefits.

Business Process Outsourcing


SoluGrowth’s Record-to-Report (R2R) service offering enables our clients to accelerate and streamline their financial processes from start to finish. In doing so, we can reduce costs, align resources, enhance business insights, and improve quality and control throughout the record, close, consolidate and report process.

Our team of qualified accountants and experienced professionals provide advice and manage our clients’ back-office activities across the full spectrum of the Finance cycle.

How Can SoluGrowth Help you?
Forming partnerships with our clients and providing continuous improvement are core to the way we do business. Our solutions are customised according to each client’s needs, ensuring compliance and best practice while accommodating each company’s unique nuances.

We offer our clients expert advice on reporting standards and keep them up to speed on relevant trends and opportunities to automate and continuously improve. Partnering with us gives our clients access to expertise in Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), data and analytics and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) to further support their finance function.

SoluGrowth’s delivery model is flexible so that our clients can ramp-up or ramp-down services across the full value stream, or on specific functions, depending on their needs.

We are a multidisciplinary team of specialists with broad experience in assisting listed and non-listed companies, multinationals and state-owned enterprises with their financial reporting. Our team of CA(SA) certified advisors provide companies and public sector entities with the knowledge and insight they need to understand and apply all appropriate IFRS and GRAP options without compromising compliance and independence.

The depth of our experience and expertise is reflected in the varied industries and numerous markets that we service – from South Africa across the African continent and globally. Our bespoke Global solution enables multinational clients with a South-African footprint to comply with IFRS, Legal and Statutory requirements while adhering to company policy and global reporting and consolidation requirements.

Given the complexity of financial reporting standards and the strict independence requirements placed on auditors, we are ideally positioned to directly assist companies with their corporate reporting prerequisites 

SoluGrowth’s Procure-to-Pay (P2P) service epitomises our process-centric approach to business challenges. We believe P2P is a key area in which most organizations can benefit from this approach and realise substantial cost-saving opportunities, regardless of the industry in which they operate. We provide a full spectrum of P2P services, tailored to each client’s specific needs. We distinguish between Source-to-Contract and Invoice-to-Pay, extracting process optimisation and value-adding opportunities at each stage.

Source-to-Contract includes strategic sourcing, contract management, spend analytics, category management, master data clean-ups and contract value extraction. Each of these can produce savings in various ways.

Invoice-to-Pay includes all activities from setting up and maintaining the supplier master database, to paying suppliers on time, all while ensuring supplier relationships are strengthened. We also look for opportunities in this process to leverage good relationships on our clients’ behalf and negotiate discounts and other value-adds. Since P2P processes are a core part of any business in any industry, from goods to services, we do not specialize in a specific sector or industry. Instead, we work with our clients to understand their unique challenges and opportunities, focusing on supply chain optimization to provide an end-to-end solution for the complete P2P value chain. We use different delivery models in line with client requirements, always working to establish and maintain a strong trust partnership with the long-term goal to integrate as an extension of the existing procurement team. This allows our clients to use SoluGrowth resources as needed, and scale up and down as required. There are so many ways that our P2P solution can and does achieve cost savings for our clients. Using tried and tested methodologies that we have developed and implemented over the last 20 years, we are confident in our ability to standardize, optimize and automate processes across sectors and industries.

How can SoluGrowth help you
SoluGrowth’s commitment to forming a partnership with our clients is what makes us different. We take a holistic view of your business, providing insights that can lead to benefits beyond P2P. We see P2P as one of multiple centres of excellence which, when understood as a critical part of a whole, allows us to help our clients take an integrated approach and add back to their bottom line. Because we value our partnerships, our commitment can start as small or as big as needed, ensuring our clients also gain the benefits of agility and flexibility. This allows us to deliver bespoke solutions to your P2P needs through a range of models, from secondment options to full outsourcing models to a shared services approach.

Core Services
- Strategic Sourcing and Compliance, including National Treasury, Supply Chain Management Regulations and Guidelines, PFMA and BBBEE.
- Transactional Management
- Master Data Management
- Contract and Commitment Management
- Reverse Auctions
- Supplier Master Management
- Invoice Processing, including global compliance services
- Payments Processing
- Customer Service Helpdesk and/ or Query Resolution Services
- Vendor Statement Reconciliations
- Travel and Expenses (T&E) Management
- Tailored solutions, including GRIR Maintenance (SAP), Holds Management (Oracle) and Fraud Analytics in T&E.

Efficient Cashflow management is a fundamental success factor of any business. To enable this, it needs to be supported by an effective Operating Model that ensures putting the customer experience at the forefront we optimise the full O2C value chain.

- Masterdata management
- Quote and sale
- Credit and Risk
- Order & Fulfilment
- Billing
- Receipt
- Collection
- Dispute and
- Reporting Close

We provide tailored O2C solutions that address specific pain points within the O2C environment namely

- Lack of integration
- Complex data environment with multiple manual interventions
- Days sales outstanding
- Quality of output and controls
- Inefficient resource utilisation i.e. focus on transactional activities as opposed to value add activities
- Optimise processes through business process re-engineering, automation and systems adoption
- Assess fit for purpose systems within the O2C including digitalisation tools to improve efficiencies and attain a future proof systems state
- Standardising processes that achieve notable cost savings

How can SoluGrowth help you?
We take a partnership approach with a holistic view of your O2C value chain, enabling integrated solutions of business process re-engineering, automation and data and analytics to be identified and therefore bespoke to your needs.

Bespoke advisory based on a unique understanding of client processes and end goal. Tangible solutions include:

Online Ordering systems
- Improved user experience through use of catalogue styled interfaces and integration of supplier catalogues for improved customer experience
Mobile Shopping & workflows

- Convenient mobile interfaces to enable shorter cycle-times and order fulfilment
Optimised workflow

- Minimise the workflows complexity & number of human touch points for approvals

Process Optimisation
A thorough analysis of the 02C value chain to identify optimisation areas based on the Maturity level. Tangible solutions include:

Automated Real-time stock visibility
Increased visibility of stock leading to less client frustrations

Automated sending & receipting of GRV’s
Improved two-way supplier communication leading to streamlined fulfilment and billing communication and receiving

Electronic GRV transmission
Improved 3-way matching and performance management through electronic communication of GRV and performance rating to enable accurate supplier invoicing & relationship management

Data Driven technological solutions best suited to client --- Deploy RPA /AI / Data analytics to improve efficiencies
- Data Accuracy
- Touchless Cash Applications

SoluGrowth’s Hire-to-Retire (H2R) service is a comprehensive, customized HR and Payroll outsourcing solution that encompasses Software as a Service (SaaS). Our offering is based on state-of-the-art software solutions that are structured to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations and to fit their strategic intent for managing their human resources.

The modern organization can place enormous demands on executives, pulling them in many directions, multiplying their responsibilities, dividing their attention, and even crippling their efforts. Partnering with professionals to take care of admin intensive business functions, such as HR and Payroll administration, efficiently and effectively allows over-stretched executives to focus on their core functions and capabilities.

Continuous changes in legislation are one example of the kind of demands that make it increasingly difficult for executives to focus on their strategic goals, drawing them into the battle to keep abreast of Payroll and HCM solutions instead. These become more and more costly and complex every year.

Using the leading HR and Payroll solutions available today, SoluGrowth has the flexibility to alleviate this pressure and interact with other Human Capital Management (HCM) and Finance platforms seamlessly and cost-effectively. Our solution caters for both single and multi-country entities, regardless of their size or industry.

How can SoluGrowth Help you?

- Review Payroll processes
- Recommend internal control procedures
- Ensure compliance with all related legislative bodies
- Interim management solutions

Payroll Services
- End-to-End Payroll processing for local and international employees
- Company registration with SARS, the Department of - Labour and others
- Provision of security payslips and e-payslips
- Salary and third-party payments
- Electronic Payroll journals for import into the client’s accounting system
- Preparation and reconciliation of monthly and annual tax certificates

Payment of confidential ad hoc payments
- Confidential Payment Processing, such as dividends, bonus payments and share options
- Expatriate expense processing

HR Outsourcing/SaaS
- Employee experience – Zero paper, one point of entry and fully integrated solutions and apps

Internal controls
- Hands-on management support
- Change management controls for system changes
- Monthly reconciliation of pay runs
- Monthly reconciliation to Payroll trust accounts
- Annual audit of the Payroll results by client external auditors as part of the annual audit

Compliance management
- Regular system updates to ensure full compliance with all tax, legislative and statutory requirements

Reporting and analysis
- Superior query and report writing tool
- Top-quality management reports and graphs
- Easy to extract and analyse data
- Easy to modify reports

Knowledge Process Outsourcing


Our Approach

SoluGrowth’s Technical Accounting service is a comprehensive offering that covers all a company’s compliance and reporting requirements. We are a multidisciplinary team of specialists with broad experience, having worked with listed and non-listed companies, multinationals and state-owned enterprises to deliver precise, accurate financial reporting.

Our team of CA(SA) certified accountants are experienced International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Advisors who help companies understand and apply all the appropriate IFRS options, without compromising on compliance and independence.

How we can help? 

The depth and breadth of our experience and expertise is reflected in the varied industries and numerous markets that we service – from South Africa across the globe. Given the complexity of financial reporting standards and the strict independence requirements placed on auditors, we are ideally positioned to assist companies directly with their corporate reporting prerequisites.

This expert team is available to review client-prepared financial statements, offer accounting opinions on complex transactions, implement new accounting standards and a range of other compliance-related services. Over and above compliance and reporting matters, we are also able to provide entities with cost cutting initiatives, including the preparation of financial statements and the provision of the most appropriate and efficient accounting options available.

Core Services 

IFRS and IFRS for SMEs, including compilation and Review of IFRS compliant financial statements, using Draftworx or CaseWare:
- Medium to complex sets
- Group consolidations
- Integrated Report support


Technical accounting opinions:
- BBBEE transactions (equity)
- Restructuring transactions (IFRS 9)
- Performance of Purchase Price Allocations (PPAs) in support of Mergers and Acquisitions (IFRS 3)

Implementation of new IFRS/GRAP standards:
- IFRS 9, 15 and 16 – Ready to implement
- IFRS 17 – Solution is ready and drafted.
- ED 177 – Proposed Transitional provisions for GRAP 104
- ED 64 on Leases

IT Outsourcing


Our Approach

SoluGrowth’s IT Outsourcing services is the leader in digital innovation with a strong focus on Education and Training. Our advanced products offer solutions for the current World Learning Crisis. Through our E-Learning, Stipend solutions, Learner Information Management system as well as ERP solutions for financials where we prioritise performance, action and quality outcomes – ultimately enabling educational institutions and businesses across, Africa and the globe, to achieve their goals.

We offer services to effectively deliver IT-enabled business processes, application and testing services and infrastructure solutions.

Organisations can thus improve their focus on core business activities, increasing efficiency and saving costs. By partnering with the SoluGrowth ITO team, your organisation will have the advantage to access capabilities and facilities not accessible or affordable. The ITO team is highly skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable in today’s and future technologies and best practices which will assist your organisation to excel in your core business.

How we can help? 

Unlock benefits by partnering with businesses to realise return on investment from the current technology investment while building fit for future business models for innovation.

World Class Delivery – Scaling through the Centre of Excellence Co-delivery Model by collaboration with our clients to help build fit for future digital solutions by helping them on the skills, business process and technology journey.

Core Services 

1. Learner Management System (LMS)
2. Enterprise Resource planning (ERP)
3. Application Testing
4. Website design and development
5. Cloud Infrastructure and development
6. Analytics and Business Intelligence
7. Content Management System (CMS)
8. Call centre
9. Reporting
10. Software Development
11. Agile Project Management
12. IT Governance


Our Approach

Digital Transformation Strategy and Advisory
- Digital Landscape assessment
- Benchmark analysis
- Advisory and thought Leadership per functional area, i.e. R2R, P2P, O2C

Digital Services Implementation – Digital transformation is now more than ever a priority agenda for every organisation to ensure that both back office processes are able to fulfil customer requirements, as such a seamless integration and delivery of products to clients.

Robotics Process Automation – we identify business processing fit for digital transformation and implement BOT technology to leverage existing technology landscape, thus less need to employ more resources both from a technology and human perspective.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – We partner with businesses to transform the business process capability fit for autonomous automation, allowing the business opportunities to innovate and improve on their business model and service offerings.
- Unlock Data Insights for improved business performance. Links to DnA

How we can help? 

Unlock benefits by partnering with businesses to realise return on investment from the current technology investment while building fit for future business models for innovation.

World Class Delivery – Scaling through the Centre of Excellence Co-delivery Model by collaboration with our clients to help build fit for future digital solutions by helping them on the skills, business process and technology journey.


- Digital Strategy
- Automation Strategy
- Change Management and Project Management Support
- Opportunity Identification
- Governance, Risk and Compliance
- Operating Model Design
- Business Case and Roadmap
- RPA / Operating Model Assessment

- Robot Maintenance
- Operating Model Review
- Staff Augmentation
- RPA-as-a Service


- Machine Learning
- Artificial Intelligence
- Business Process Management
- Process Analytics


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